The Disrupters: A conversation with EY

Around the world, every industry is being disrupted by the fast pace of digital change. How should organizations respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by this disruption?

100 companies from 16 industries came together at the EY Convergence Lab on 26 April, in the San Francisco Bay. It was the start of a journey that will transform the way we do business in the future.  In her latest blog, Alison Kay, Global Vice Chair of Industry talks about shattering industry boundaries and creating new business models. Are you ready for the future? - Read more.

About The Disrupters

The Disrupters explores the pressures of change confronting some of the world’s most established industries. How do successful businesses evolve and turn threat into opportunity? Two-thirds of what we consume today was not invented twenty-five years ago….The pace of change, obsolescence and renewal is still accelerating. And entire industries are being challenged like never before to open up, innovate and reinvent themselves. In The Disrupters we meet the men and women on both sides of history - the up-starts mounting the challenge and those charged with seeing them off. We offer a sense of the restless, ceaseless nature of the disruptive change they face, and glimpse both the uncertainties and the transformative possibilities this offers.

The Disrupters: A conversation with EY

To fuel the conversation sparked by The Disrupters, EY is drawing upon the knowledge, experience and connections of our global network to share different perspectives and convene the problem-solvers that can help build a better working world.

In this digital age, unlikely sources of disruption demand organizations to respond with more creative solutions than ever before. In this film, developed by The Economist Films on behalf of EY, we hear from thought leaders at EY on the challenges and opportunities that this disruption presents for organizations today.

“The technology revolution is disrupting every industry in every way imaginable,” says Alison Kay, EY Global Vice Chair – Industry.

“Companies need to future-proof themselves today purely because of the pace of change, and if they don’t change then they will not be able to survive or prosper in the new digital economy,” says Tony Qui, EY TAS Chief Global Digital Officer.

“The challenge is to ask oneself questions without necessarily knowing the answer,” says Uschi Shreiber, EY Global Vice Chair, Markets.

Established industries have had to adapt quickly to a situation where they no longer hold all the cards. Representatives from across the automotive, music and energy industries explain how they are overcoming the challenges of disruption and embracing it in their industries.

One thing is clear, there’s a new force sweeping through an old world, and in order to survive every established business needs to find a way to navigate an uncertain future.


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This film was made on behalf of EY using footage from the Economist Films series "The Disrupters". This film does not reflect the editorial views of The Economist.